Welcome to Vantage Oncology

Vantage owns and operates 63 cancer treatment facilities in 15 states. Our network of affiliated
and partnered medical groups provide critical oncology services to more than 1,600 patients per day.
We are pleased to celebrate the exceptional care we have provided over the past ten years.

We treat cancer by creating an environment of wellness surrounding the patient with
exceptional medical professionals, vast clinical expertise and technical resources. We
become part of every community we serve and work with other organizations to
bring awareness and education to those affected by cancer.

We are making a difference and proving it every day.

Vantage - A Growing Network

Our partnership model and our focus on the patient experience, outcomes, quality
of care and advanced technologies, have been the critical elements of our success
and growth. Treatment centers that are part of the Vantage network receive
extensive management services, including administrative support, capital
improvements and technology acquisition.

We also provide strategic planning, information systems consulting, accounting
resources, managed care contracting, human resources and marketing services.
By allowing us to manage the day-to-day operations and other aspects of equipping
and staffing a treatment center, we enable physicians to focus on patient care.

Vantage Oncology is proud to have recently acquired Radiation Oncology Services
of America with locations in Alabama, Georgia, New Jersey and Texas. (more info)

Vantage Oncology is expanding into additional markets. Whether an acquisition, joint venture
or new center development, our experienced management team is ready to help you move
forward. Tell us about your practice model and affilated partners, and leverage the strength of our
clinical, financial and managerial resources. (more info)