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Our Commitment to Quality


A Leader of Treatment Quality

Our ongoing initiatives in clinical standards, physics, nursing, patient and staff education, and information technology have yielded processes, practices, and tools that encourage the most effective patient care. As a result, Vantage Oncology  |  The US Oncology Network is recognized as a national leader in quality outcomes-based medicine in a community setting.

Through a standardized approach to building a comprehensive clinical information system, Vantage has successfully integrated electronic health records with network-wide treatment planning systems and published practice guidelines. Ultimately, this allows for systematic peer review of practice data, assessing risk factors, and promoting patient self-assessments.Vantage Oncology  |  The US Oncology Network’s processes and standardized software systems are designed to combine clinical outcomes with quality-of-life assessments in order to identify and ultimately reward best practices. As part of Vantage Oncology  |  The US Oncology Network’s commitment to advancing state-of-the-art cancer treatments, we are continuously looking to improve treatment guidelines, treatment outcomes, and the quality of the care that we provide. With this goal in mind, Vantage supports two advisory boards (a Physician Operations Board and a Medical Scientific Advisory Board), which actively define and advocate for clinical best practices, outcomes initiatives, and technologic developments.

Helping Our Centers Helps Our Patients

Vantage Oncology  |  The US Oncology Network is committed to providing each of our affiliated centers with the most advanced technology and clinical protocols in the industry. We believe this approach is essential to providing excellent patient care, improved outcomes, and to maintain the confidence of referring physicians and payors, as well as to help differentiate the value-added benefits of our affiliated physicians.

Clinical proficiencies

  • Evidence-based treatment guidelines
  • Standardized clinical care process
  • Policies & Procedures

Electronic Medical Record

Vantage Oncology  |  The US Oncology Network develops comprehensive information systems building on the vast clinical experience and data from its affiliated physician groups. Throughout the network of affiliated centers, Vantage Oncology  |  The US Oncology Network has developed a comprehensive and systematic plan standardizing the clinical care process to improve care and facilitate the collection and analyses of clinical practice data and patient self-assessments with the ultimate goal of correlating treatment with clinical outcomes. This plan, in conjunction with our evidence-based treatment guidelines, provides the foundation for the comparison of different treatment options and related alternatives, demonstrated quality outcomes, and serves as a vehicle for peer review of practice data.


Vantage Oncology Physics, Inc. (VOP) is a leading provider of medical physics services. Its primary mission is to assist radiation oncologists in treating patients in accordance with nationally accepted standards. Providing comprehensive services to our affiliated centers around the country, our physicists have developed procedures and techniques that enable physicians and staff to deliver high quality, cost effective treatments. VOP also provides consultations in the design of radiation oncology departments, shielding design of radiation vaults, as well as acceptance testing and commissioning of radiation therapy equipment.