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Vantage Oncology Cancer Patients

Treated Like Family

Patients who are treated at Vantage Oncology | The US Oncology Network facilities around the country are treated like family. Each center is unique but all provide compassionate care within an environment of wellness, surrounding the patient with highly trained and personable staff. By providing individualized support throughout the entire treatment process, our level of commitment and dedication, providing education and guidance, is positive, effective and reassuring.

Patient Stories

Prostate Cancer Center of the North, Indianapolis, IN

“I can’t find enough words to express my appreciation for the kindness, care and compassion given by your staff. Their actions everyday made a huge difference in getting me through each day of treatment. I especially want to thank Michele, Beth, Christie, Jenn, Cheryl, Ashlee and Dr. Tilmans for their gentleness and encouragement each day. Thank you so much and may God bless every day of your lives.”


InterCommunity Cancer Centers – Leesburg and Lady Lake, FL

“It should be noted that the InterCommunity Cancer Center in Lady Lake, Florida, has been providing advanced cancer treatments to residents in the area of The Villages for more than 25 years. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer during the spring of 2004 and received 33 radiation treatments from the InterCommunity Cancer Center in Lady Lake. I have the highest regard for Dr. Hal M. Jacobson and his staff. Their equipment was state-of-the-art and they provided my treatments with the utmost kindness and compassion. I felt I was blessed to have been directed to Dr. Jacobson and the InterCommunity Cancer Center. I am now cancer free.”

Kathleen P.

Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia – Atlanta, GA

“When I learned I had prostate cancer and completed my research, I chose Dr Critz and RC Cancer Center of Georgia for my treatment. The main reason was the data supported treatment plan that includes 16000 patients. I believe Dr. Critz to be the foremost authority on prostate care and particularly seed implant combined with IMRT/IGRT. He was easy to talk to, carefully explained my cancer situation and my proposed treatment plan. The day of my seed implant went extremely well – was lying out by the pool 4 hours following implant. Absolutely no problems thru the whole process. I highly recommend Dr Critz and RC Cancer Centers of Georgia for prostate cancer issues.”

John P.

Sherman Oaks Radiation Therapy Center – Sherman Oaks, CA

“You guys are the Best! Thank you for being so kind to me. It makes a HUGE difference. :) I can’t find words to thank everybody for all their help & kindness. God bless all.”


Columbus Prostate Cancer Center – Columbus, OH

“It was great having treatment here!!!!”


South Suburban Cancer Center – Hazelcrest, IL

“After learning more about MammoSite RTS and SAVI, I felt comforted knowing that I was receiving advanced medical care,” explained Josephine. “The treatments were short and relatively pain free. I feel fantastic and I would highly recommend it to any breast cancer patient who is a candidate.”


Comprehensive Cancer Care – Exton, PA

“To the entire staff: Knowing you have cancer can weigh very heavily on you. Making a decision about the kind of treatment you want to get and where you want to get it takes much consideration. I knew from the first time I entered the facility I had made the right decision. I have seen my primary physician as well as my urologist and a few other specialists for years, but the experience at your facility is the best I have ever encountered. Everyone was always friendly, always knowledgeable, and my appointments were on time, even ahead of schedule most days. Thanks to each and every one of you, it was a pleasure to go through many treatment at Comprehensive Cancer Care.”


Holy Cross Radiation Therapy Center – Mission Hills, CA

“The technicians along with the nurses were wonderful. I always felt respected and that my needs were met.”


InterCommunity Cancer Centers – Leesburg and Lady Lake, FL

“I am surviving stage IV Lung Cancer today due mostly to the radiation treatment recently received from ICCC. Dr. Flink is the best doctor I have ever seen. For the 1st time in my adult life I did not feel like a widget on an assembly line. The positive attitude and hope I felt was sincere and came from everyone involved with my care to include the administrative staff at the ICCC. I’m determined to not just survive this cancer, but I intend to beat it completely. I ‘am so pleased and relieved to have found the ICCC and Dr. Flink…”


NorthMain Radiation Oncology – Providence, RI

“Coming here I found these angels that made me feel so welcome. They made me feel like I was part of the family. It got so I was looking forward to coming here. They would talk to me and they would make me feel at ease… They made me feel so welcome… They brought a different perspective of quality of life and I am so grateful that they were here just for me.”

Charles J.

“My experience here at NorthMain Radiation Oncology was wonderful. It was the best part of my cancer treatment. We were like instant family.”

Stephanie C.

“I would call them at all hours and they were always there for me to support me, and tell me I was doing the right things. I love everyone here. They are like my family and I could never thank them enough”.

Nina and Michael G.

Brooklyn Radiation Oncology – Brooklyn, NY

“After learning more about RapicArc, I knew I was receiving the most advanced medical care. My treatments were short and pain free. Today, I feel fantastic and I would highly recommend Brooklyn Radiation Oncology to anyone.”


Radiotherapy Centers of Kentuckiana – Louisville, KY

“I think this may be the best Dr’s office I have ever been to. You come in scared and leave with a much better outlook. Everyone is so kind and sweet and that makes your visits and how you feel wonderful”


The Prostate Center – Lady Lake, FL

“The best way for me to describe my experience with Dr. Young is that I trust him. He takes time to thoroughly explain procedures before he undertakes them and he makes me feel like he’s offering me the best solution(s) for my condition based on his considerable knowledge and experience. He listens. He never makes me feel rushed, and he’s very attentive and thoughtful when I’m explaining my issue or concern. He’s never typing on a computer or doing seemingly unrelated activities during my visit with him, and I feel confident that he’s giving me his full attention. He has a top-notch staff. Every staff member that I’ve met in his practice is friendly and professional. I have recommended Dr. Young to others and will continue to do so.”

Ron D.

Georgia Center for Total Cancer Care at Union General – Blairsville, GA

“I didn’t know what to expect when I came here. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyone was wonderful and I was taken care of. I never felt less than a person. My husband was included also (very important). What a wonderful center & fabulous people!”


Northern Arizona Tumor Institute – Prescott, AZ

“In Aug. 2006 I was diagnosed with double negative estrogen based breast Cancer & had a lumpectomy on Sept 8, 2006. After meeting with various oncologists, I chose Dr. M Patel to do my chemotherapy which was supposed to last for 4 sessions with a 3 week space between sessions. I’ve found all cancer Dr’s to be lacking any bedside manner (so I got past that). Because the strength of the medicine, my med. & dosage was changed, and my chemo lasted for 7 months. All this time Dr. Patel put up with my crying, depression on occasion, and always exhibited professionalism and extensive knowledge. I even got him to smile twice. I still follow up with him every 6 mos. & trust him implicitly when it comes to his knowledge! (footnote: He deals with so much negative outcome in his chosen expertise, I’m surprised he’s as gracious as he is.)”

Barbara E.

Evansville Cancer Center – Evansville, IN

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2011 it was quite traumatic. It brings a variety of unwelcome struggles and emotions. After surgery I was referred to the Deaconess Chancellor Center for Oncology for radiation treatments. There I met Cathy Nemer-Dawson, the registered nurse in charge of my treatments. She was very understanding and patient with everything I asked or questioned and explained each step as we went. She was never in a hurry and always made sure I had the answers that I needed. To be greeted with warmth, enthusiasm, concern and a welcoming, reassuring smile was so incredibly refreshing and uplifting that it changed the tone of everything. Her constant smile and sense of humor brought reassurance that everything would go well. She soon became like a close friend providing a hug if I needed one. This provided a comfort that can’t be found anywhere else. The hugs made me feel good and showed that she cared. There are many people that pass through our lives without making a mark but Cathy left a mark on my heart that I will never forget.”

Carolyn W.

“I totally enjoyed my treatments. Everyone was friendly, professional, and attentive to my needs. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”


Redhawk Radiation Therapy Center – Temecula, CA

“My first thought was I should have had a mastectomy. Once I was able to compose myself, I realized that I did not have control over this disease. It’s how you handle it that makes all of the difference. I just kept making plans and work was very therapeutic. My breasts, which I once loved, became the enemy. I just wanted them gone. The most comforting part about receiving cancer treatment for the rest of my life is knowing the superior and compassionate care that I receive from everyone at Redhawk Radiation Therapy Center. They are the best and are far superior to the rest. They greet me with a warm smile every day. They treat me like family and I can’t imagine ever being treated anywhere else. Dr. Washington has the bedside manner of no other doctor that I have ever met in my life. She is so professional, knowledgeable and is always looking out for my best interest. I am so grateful and blessed to be under their care.”

Leslie S.

“Treatment far exceeded mere professionalism. I found compassion, empathy, my questions were all answered no matter how dumb. Thank you for your smiles and thank you for your part in giving me my life back.”


Cancer Care Centers of Brevard – Melbourne, FL

“Finished 44 IGRT treatments at the Cancer Care Center in Melbourne for prostate cancer this past November 2009. Doctor Shankar has an excellent personality along with total knowledge and the ability to explain in detail prostate cancer and its treatment options.He always took as much time as needed with me and returned any phone calls promptly. In fact he makes you feel as if you were his only patient.”

John V.

Gulf Coast Cancer Center – Daphne, AL

“I went in for a follow-up on a PSA test that came back high. Dr. explained why that can happen. Really appreciated the professional and courteous way we were treated.”


Signature Healthcare Radiation Therapy Center – Brockton, MA

“I would like to thank all of you who had a hand in my care. I was apprehensive for my treatment and everyone helped me and put me at ease. Thank you again.”


“Everyone became more than just a friend. Thanks for being a positive part of my life for the last several weeks. Even though I’m thrilled my treatments are over, I know I will miss you all.”