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We offer prostate cancer patients access to the Calypso® 4D Localization System, also known as “GPS for the Body – Technology®.” This new form of radiotherapy supportive technology allows precision-guided treatment delivery with continuous prostate motion monitoring. Essentially, the Calypso System tells the clinician where the tumor location is at all times during daily radiation treatments. By continuously tracking the tumor position during radiation treatment allows precise targeting of the radiation beam, higher therapeutic doses of radiation, while reducing common side effects by avoiding surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

The major components of the Calypso System are the Beacon® Electromagnetic Transponders (each about the size of a grain of rice), the 4D Electromagnetic Array™ and the 4D Tracking Station™. Prior to treatment, three transponders are implanted in the patient’s prostate. The transponders work in tandem with the other two main components to accurately and continuously locate the tumor in the prostate during radiation treatment.

With a graphical user interface, Calypso gives visual and audio cues to help manage prostate motion by signaling when the organ moves outside of the threshold area. The 4D Electromagnetic Array™ sends signals to the implanted Beacon® Electromagnetic Transponders so that continuous X, Y and Z coordinates are relayed from the transponders, which immediately identifies misalignments with sub-millimeter accuracy.

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