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Internationally recognized ProstRcision® involves a two-step treatment process that completely kills cancer within the prostate without harming the urethra or adjacent nerves and muscles, and the follow-up linear accelerator radiation goes after any cancer outside the prostate. These two treatment steps overlap, which produces the dose intensification required to kill the cancer.

The ProstRcision® procedure begins when a physician implants tiny radioactive seeds into the prostate. Since the seeds are only 1/5 of an inch in length, and as thin as a pencil lead, physicians can position them directly in the tumor and away from important muscles and nerves. These seeds emit most of their radiation over the course of a few months, but will continue to release radiation for up to one year. ProstRcision attacks the cancer with pinpoint accuracy, it’s because the area surrounding the seeds is hit with a tremendous amount of radiation, but a few millimeters away, the radiation level drops off rapidly.

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