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RapidArc Radiotherapy® is changing how cancer is being treated using external radiation. This new technology dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to deliver radiation, which improves targeting precision and patient comfort.

RapidArc® Radiotherapy Technology is easy to implement and requires no major process changes with our care team. While the treatment time is much faster, the steps for planning and delivering treatments are virtually the same as our existing Intensity Modulated and Image Guided Radiation Therapy treatment techniques (IMRT/ IGRT). The end results however, have proven to be highly effective because the patient spends less time in treatment.

RapidArc® is volumetric arc therapy that delivers a precisely sculpted 3-D dose distribution with a single 360-degree gantry rotation. By using an advanced algorithm that can simultaneously change the rotation speed of the gantry, shape of the treatment aperture and the delivery dose rate, treatments are delivered in less than 2 minutes in most cases.

Volumetric modulated arc therapy differs from existing techniques like helical IMRT or Intensity-modulated Arc Therapy (IMAT) because it delivers dose to the whole volume, rather than slice by slice.

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