Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) is a precise, noninvasive treatment method that delivers focused radiation in one to five sessions. By targeting higher doses of radiation, the physician can safely treat a broader range of tumors. This technique has such a dramatic effect reducing the tumor that the post-treatment results are considered to be as effective as surgery, even for tumors that may have been considered inoperable.

Our center uses Varian Trilogy and RapidArc® enabled systems, which offer exception accuracy and guidance tools during SRS treatment. The technological advancements of SBRT allow treatment for areas in the body such as the spine and lung. SBRT studies have recently demonstrated increased tumor reduction, improved cure rates. SBRT can also be used to treat patients that have had previous radiation treatment.

SBRT is now the new established standard-of-care for patients with early-stage lung cancer. Historically, the preferred treatment for lung cancer patients has been surgery. However, many lung cancer patients are unfit for surgery because they may also have another medical condition. Furthermore, SBRT results in fewer side effects than surgery and has shown to double survival rates when compared to not receiving any radiation treatment.

To help assure precise tumor targeting during treatment, a comprehensive and unique treatment plan is developed for every patient, which includes the use of 2 & 3-D image guidance, respiratory monitoring and other specialized equipment. In most cases, patients receiving SBRT are able to resume their normal daily activities between treatments.

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