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There are two forms of radiosurgery techniques that allow greater therapeutic doses of radiation in fewer treatments. Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) is a high-dose treatment method for select cancers in the body that is delivered in one to five sessions.

Stereotactic RadioSurgery (SRS) is a specialized radiation treatment method that is highly effective for select brain tumors. Both techniques use focused radiation with such a dramatic reducing effect on the tumor, that the post-treatment results are considered to be as effective as surgery. Like other forms of radiation treatment, SBRT and SRS do not actually remove the tumor; instead the radiation dose damages the DNA of tumor cells and as a result, these cancerous cells lose their ability to reproduce. Through the use of three-dimensional computer-aided planning, the amount of radiation that passes through healthy tissue is greatly minimized.

SBRT is an effective alternative to invasive surgery for many cases, especially for tumors located deep within or close to vital structures that have been deemed inoperable. It offers clinicians the flexibility to treat a broader range of tumors and allows higher doses of radiation to be safely delivered. SBRT also permits re-treatment of cancer recurrence involving previously irradiated tumor sites.

SRS is an effective alternative to invasive surgery, especially for tumors located deep within or close to vital areas of the brain. Radiosurgery may be used to treat either benign or malignant, primary or metastatic and single or multiple brain tumors. SRS may be used as the primary treatment, when a tumor is inoperable; as a boost or adjunct to other treatments for a recurring or malignant tumor.

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