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Vantage Oncology offers patients access to one of the world’s most advanced cancer treatment systems. With only a few such treatment systems in Southern California, TomoTherapy® combines advanced treatment planning, image-guided patient positioning and radiation delivery into one integrated system, allowing us to deliver precise and effective treatments almost anywhere in the body.

TomoTherapy® delivers radiation with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), which is the use of multiple, high-energy X-ray beams that can be adjusted according to the size, location and stage of the cancer. Treatment typically takes 10 to 20 minutes from when the patient enters the treatment room until they leave. This includes daily CT scanning and treatment, as well as patient set-up and body positioning. In addition to offering exceptional benefits in the treatment of many types of cancers such as prostate, breast, lung, head and neck, brain, and soft tissue sarcomas, TomoTherapy® is also effective for the re-treatment of bone metastases.

Before beginning TomoTherapy®, we use three- dimensional images and special software to define precise contours of the tumor(s). The process of imaging and targeting is called Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), which validates positioning accuracy and how much radiation the tumor will receive during radiation delivery.

Accurate patient positioning is crucial for effective radiotherapy. We also take a special CT scan just before each treatment to verify the tumor’s location and make adjustments as necessary. This is very useful in treating parts of the body that may change slightly between treatment sessions. During treatment, the linear accelerator inside the machine rotates 360 degrees around the patient while the treatment table slowly advances the patient through its center. This spiral (or helical) motion allows radiation to be applied from many angles. Concurrently, healthy tissues and organs are avoided during this process while an optimal amount of radiation is only delivered to the tumor.

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