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The Vantage Cancer Care Network

Optimizing Cancer Outcomes in a Value-Based Cancer Care Environment


Vantage Oncology is pioneering the development of the Vantage Cancer Care Network (VCCN). The VCCN is an organization that partners with various oncology specialties to manage patient care through different treatment modalities. This model provides an integrated, multispecialty approach to care where physicians can collaborate to offer the most appropriate and effective treatment regimens along with a high level of personalized care for the patient. The VCCN is committed to Vantage Oncology’s model of a patient-centered treatment delivery system that produces the best clinical outcomes. Through the use of sophisticated technology and thoughtful treatment planning, the VCCN provides cancer care of the utmost quality while keeping costs under control.

The VCCN partners with payors (including health plans, employers and IPAs) to manage entire care episodes of large populations and drive long term cost savings. Plans get better perspective on their anticipated health care spend, and the VCCN provides appropriate clinical services that follow peer-reviewed pathways/ treatment guidelines.