The VCCN Operating Platform – Carelytics™

Through the use of sophisticated technology and thoughtful treatment planning, the VCCN provides cancer care of the utmost quality while keeping costs under control.

With Carelytics™, VCCN provides oncology-specific population health statistics, payer opportunity analytics, symptom management protocols and technology support, complex care case management support, and practice transformation tools and training to ensure practices are eligible for Oncology Medical Home certification.

These cloud-based, EMR agnostic tools are built to support the IPA practices in managing and succeeding on their value-based contracts with Payers.


Payer Analytics

The payer analytics module allows VCCN to understand historical cancer data across a payers’ entire population.  VCCN then uses the output of the tool to formulate an analysis which shows the opportunity available to the payer when they participate  in a VCCN partnership.

Practice Transformation

The practice transformation module provides toolkits, consulting, and training to assess the current state of a practice in relationship to the Oncology Medical Home requirements and assists practices in transforming the practice into a certified Oncology Medical Home under the Medicare Oncology Care Model (OCM).

Symptom Management

The symptom management module is:

  • A technology-based tool that assists oncology practices’ clinical staff with assessing patient symptoms (i.e. nausea, dehydration, fatigue, neutropenia) and providing for effective management of those symptoms
  • The outcome of managing treatment symptoms effectively is the reduction of unnecessary emergency room visits and subsequent inpatient admissions
  • The symptom management tool provides a longitudinal view of patient symptom history throughout the treatment process
  • The symptom management tool facilitates the reporting of symptom management triage outcomes to improve symptom management protocols

Care Management

The care management module:

  • Assists practices with prioritized patient follow up based on treatment, current health status, socioeconomic status, and other risk factors
  • Assists practices with follow up related to the symptom management triage process
  • Provides for the attribution database for VCCN patient census and reporting to health plans
  • View of patient symptom and care management history

Performance Management

The performance management module facilitates VCCN in:

  • Managing the IPA and associated practices and providers to ensure that the clinical quality and cost efficiency of the IPA is on target as measured against historical baselines and IPA targets
  • Showing historical data at all levels of the IPA including the IPA as a whole, the individual practices, providers within a practice and members
  • Facilitating improvement of practice and physician performance against baselines over time and monitors the practices progress during the Oncology Medical home transformation process

CMS OCM Reporting

The reporting module creates a set of reporting templates that meet the Medicare Oncology Care Model (OCM) requirements which:

  • Facilitates compliance with CMS OCM reporting requirements
  • Creates a database of outcomes to allow practices to constantly monitor progress on the OCM specific quality and efficiency milestones
  • Eases the administrative burden of conforming to CMS OCM requirements