Oak Hill Capital Partners is a private equity firm with more than $8.2 billion of committed capital from leading entrepreneurs, endowments, foundations, corporations, pension funds and global financial institutions. Robert M. Bass is the lead investor. Over a period of more than 24 years, the professionals at Oak Hill Capital Partners and its predecessors have invested in more than 60 significant private equity transactions. Oak Hill Capital Partners is one of several Oak Hill partnerships, each of which has a dedicated and independent management team. These Oak Hill partnerships comprise over $30 billion of investment capital across multiple asset  
  Oak Hill Capital Partners
Ares Capital Corporation(ARCC) is a business development company. Founded in 2004, the New York based firm specializes in acquisition, recapitalization, and leveraged buyout transactions of middle market companies. It prefers to make investments in companies engaged in the basic and growth manufacturing, business services, consumer products, health care products and services, and information technology service sectors. The firm will also consider investments in industries such as restaurants, retail, oil and gas, and technology. It invests in leveraged finance products such as first lien senior debt, second lien senior debt, subordinated debt, and non-control preferred and common equity. The firm operates as a subsidiary of ARES Capital Management LLC. ARES Capital Investments
  Camden Partners was founded in 1995 and built on the belief that structural inefficiencies in the public equity markets create significant investment opportunities. More specifically, small-cap stocks often lack research sponsorship and an active following among institutional investors. This often leads to a vicious cycle in which lower valuation is compounded by loss of coverage, block sales, departure of market makers and selling by momentum investors causing further diminution in stock price. Camden Partners looks to capitalize on the disconnect between business fundamentals and valuation in the small and micro-cap market segments. It also provides growth capital to micro-cap public, and to a lesser extent, late-stage private companies through direct negotiated and structured transactions. Camden Patners Holdings, LLC
CCP Equity Partners
is a leading private equity firm providing growth capital to innovative financial services and healthcare services companies. In partnership with proven management teams, they shape strategy by leveraging operating skills, deep industry experience and extensive networks to drive value, accelerate growth, and deliver superior returns to our investors. CCP currently manages more than $500 million and offers scalable financial solutions.
CCP Equity Partners
  HLM Venture Partners is a proven, successful venture capital health care investor. Over 60 privately held health care companies have benefited from our expertise, resources and commitment. Emerging health care companies can be confident that HLM Venture Partners’ longevity, integrity and reputation will be invaluable assets as we work together to transform their innovative ideas into market-leading businesses. HLM Venture Partners
  Meritech Capital is a leading provider of late-stage venture capital to premier information and medical technology companies. With over $2.2 billion under management, Meritech seeks to lead investments in the portfolio companies of leading early stage venture capital firms. We pursue traditional growth companies as well as co-investments in corporate buy-outs and spin-offs. Meritech Capital Partners
  New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a leading venture capital firm focused on helping entrepreneurs create and build major new enterprises that use technology to improve the way we live, work and play.  Since it’s founding in 1978, the firm has followed the same basic principles: support their entrepreneurs, provide an excellent return to their limited partners and practice their profession with high standards and respect.  Practicing classic venture capital for over 25 years, NEA focuses on early stage investments, assisting management to build companies of lasting value.  With $6 billion under management, NEA's experienced management team has invested in over 500 companies, of which, more than 145 have gone public and almost 200 have been acquired.  NEA has offices in Menlo Park, CA, Reston, VA and Baltimore, MD.  New Enterprise Associates
  Salix Ventures manages two venture capital partnerships with approximately $180 million in capital commitments from limited partners. Salix invests primarily in early-stage healthcare services and healthcare information technology companies.  With offices in Andover, MA and Nashville, TN, Salix Ventures assists companies across the country through all stages of development. Salix Ventures
  Versant Ventures is a leading healthcare-focused venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments in medical devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, healthcare services, and healthcare information technology. The firm, founded in 1999, consists of a seasoned team of eleven managing directors with more than 115 years of venture capital investing experience and more than 145 years of operating experience. Versant Ventures currently manages over $1 billion in committed capital and has raised its third fund in November 2005. Versant Ventures is currently managing over 70 companies in its portfolio. Versant Ventures