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Existing Centers Acquisitions

Vantage Oncology (Vantage) acquires majority interests in radiation oncology facilities across the nation and provides expanded management, operational and clinical support services to enable growth and improve patient care. Vantage offers physician-owners the opportunity to monetize a portion of their success and investment in their program, while retaining a true private practice model where physicians can focus on patient outcomes and program growth.

Affiliating with Vantage through an acquisition provides current owners with an opportunity to significantly lower or eliminate existing debt and future capital obligations monetize significant equity and enhance overall returns on investment from ongoing operations through potential upgrades of technology and services.

Vantage is at the forefront of integrated care, bringing together multi-specialty practices to create “Oncology Care Organizations” (OCO) that ensure coordinated cancer treatment. The Vantage team has deep expertise in both developing and integrating specialty practices into a single practice with optimized management, workflow and billing systems.

New Center (De Novo) Development

In addition to acquiring (majority interests in) existing center operations, Vantage will assess local and regional markets in search of an unmet need for new facilities which are constructed, owned and operated in partnership with the physicians who will treat patients at those facilities. Prior to opening a new facility, Vantage conducts extensive market research and analysis, prepares detailed financial projections and develops a comprehensive strategy to maximize the potential for successful market entry. Upon opening a new center, Vantage is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the center, which allows physicians to focus on patient care and cultivation of relationships with referring physicians.

Hospital Partnerships

Vantage has also established and actively pursues joint ownership of radiation oncology facilities located on or adjacent to hospital campuses. Such partnerships enable hospital to improve their current and future balance sheets and reduce administrative burden while maintaining a significant portion of a typically profitable department.

Vantage Value Proposition

Vantage provides its affiliated physicians with access to advanced radiation therapy technology for their patients at conveniently located, state-of-the-art centers. Vantage’s network offers the most advanced spectrum of treatments, including RapidArc, IMRT, IGRT, TomoTherapy, SRS, SBRT, Brachytherapy, HDR implants and 3-D treatment planning, along with appropriate diagnostic tools such as CT Simulation and PET-CT imaging. Vantage’s commitment to technology facilitates excellent care, while supporting the recruitment and retention of high quality physicians while maintaining credibility with referring physicians.

Management Services
Vantage offers extensive management services, including clinical and administrative personnel, space leasing, capital improvements, equipment purchasing or leasing, equipment maintenance, insurance and licensing, medical and office supplies and computers and software. Operational support services are offered, including strategic planning, information systems consulting, accounting and budgeting, financial reporting, human resources, managed care contracting, quality control and marketing program development.

Advanced Information Technology

Vantage leverages the expertise of its network to continuously improve the ability to provide regular reporting of patient progress to referring physicians and coordination of ancillary and support services. Utilizing disease-specific guidelines and rigorous treatment planning enables centers to provide quality care at lower risk and in a cost effective manner.

Market Share Expansion

Working with the affiliated physicians to increase a facility’s market share is accomplished through the expanded offering of advanced services enhancing relationships with referring physicians, implementing local community outreach and marketing programs, negotiating favorable contracting relationships with managed care organizations ensuring that the care-giving team provides compassionate, quality patient care and excellent customer service.

Multi-Specialty Physician Integration

In an effort to create Vantage’s unique comprehensive oncology care practice model,  various physician specialists are integrated who care for oncology patients at different points along the continuum of cancer care into common practices.  These “Oncology Care Organizations” (OCO) are an important strategic initiative of Vantage.  This approach has proven extremely effective in improving patient care, reducing practice expenses such as administrative and drug expenditures and providing significant market strength and positioning for our physician partners and affiliated radiation treatment centers. The Vantage team provides its physician partners with practice integration services to successfully bring together physician groups across multiple specialties.

Physician Recruitment

One of the critical success factors in growing a high quality radiation therapy center is the ability to recruit, retain and motivate well-trained radiation oncologists, while offering them an opportunity to expand their expertise in advanced treatment procedures. Through its affiliation with nationally recognized radiation therapy practices, Vantage has experienced a high degree of success in assisting physician partners in their recruiting efforts.

Regional Network Expansion

Vantage builds strong regional networks with its affiliated physicians through additional acquisitions, de novo center development and the recruitment of physicians on behalf of our partners. This approach allows Vantage and its partners to effectively leverage clinical and operational resources, physics capabilities and managed care-contracting efforts including optimizing local marketing impact. This regional network strategy strengthens a provider’s competitive position in a market.

Project Management

Developing a new radiation oncology center takes an enormous amount of planning, coordination and development expertise. Vantage has the experience and knowledge to get projects off the ground and to completion on time and within budget. The process includes evaluating the opportunity in a market, preparing pro forma financial projections and negotiating with equipment lenders and landlords. Vantage closely manages all aspects of projects from start to finish so that physician partners can focus their time and energy on their primary roles. Finally, Vantage takes a holistic approach to development, collaborating with physician partners to determine what equipment is most effective from a clinical, marketing and long-term growth perspective.