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Vantage Oncology | The US Oncology Network is honored to participate in the Veteran’s Choice Program as a national oncology service provider for our nation’s heroes. Our mission is to provide veterans timely and convenient access to advanced, lifesaving cancer care at our specialized facilities so they are afforded the best opportunity to beat their disease.

A leading national provider of radiation oncology services and integrated cancer care, Vantage Oncology | The US Oncology Network operates more than 400 treatment facilities across the nation, which are currently accepting patients through the program. The Veteran’s Choice Program allows a Veteran to choose a non-network provider when one is not available, or has a preference for another provider. Once the Veteran contacts a Vantage Oncology | The US Oncology Network treatment facility, he or she will be provided information about the physician and facility so that it can be submitted for authorization.

The Veterans Access, Choice, Accountability Act (VACAA) of 2014 is a law that expands the number of options Veterans have for receiving and ensuring they have timely access to high-quality care. The Veteran’s Choice Program provides primary care, inpatient and outpatient specialty care, and mental health care for eligible Veterans when the local Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC):

  • cannot provide the services due the lack of available VA specialists,
  • has long wait times (30 days or more) at the VA facility for specialty care; or
  • is located too far (40 miles or more) from the Veteran’s home.

A veteran’s out-of-pocket expense will be the same as if they received treatment at their local VA facility.

VA Choice Program cards were distributed to eligible veterans enrolled in VA health care and who seek non-VA health care. Eligible Veterans are required to contact Health Net Federal Services, LLC (Health Net) or TriWest Healthcare Alliance to obtain authorization for all medical care under the program.

Within 48 hours of a patient’s authorization, Vantage Oncology | The US Oncology Network centers can see new patients for an initial consultation, discuss treatment options, and if indicated, begin treatment within seven to ten days.

Our centers’ clinical care team works with you to provide quality, comprehensive cancer care in your community.